Memorable Senior Photography Sessions



As your young ladies and gentlemen begin their last year of High School we wish we could keep them in this moment forever. Be able to highlight their talents and hobbies and remember them in their High School moments. Our senior sessions are custom tailored to be 2016 Senior Repsone of a kind for your High School Senior. For this High School Senior we wanted to showcase her amazing dance and cheerleading skills. We set up an awesome studio in our backyard to capture a flour session! Our session started with a trip downtown to get some urban Senior Photographs. Upon return to the studio we were all excited to see what we could create for this senior!

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Mimi: Is a Senior at Niceville Senior High School located in Niceville, Florida. She is a member of the Varsity Cheerleading team. Mimi was just proclaimed the Distinguished Young Women of Okaloosa County for 2016.



Santa Rosa Beach Wedding

Little did I know that in 2012 I would be taking photographs of a beautiful couple in their first few months of dating. Below is a photograph of them in 2012 and them from April 4, 2015. Very rarely do photographers get to capture two photographs, at the same place, same couple, same time of year, with entirely different meanings… IN 2012 the photo could easily represent them walking into their new relationship together. In 2015 they are walking into their new marriage together.

Santa Rosa Beach Wedding Photography by Southern Belle Photography
Santa Rosa Beach Wedding Photography by Southern Belle Photography









It is a beautiful recreation of where they started to where they are now. We has an amazing time at their wedding in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Located 10 miles down the road from Destin, Florida of Scenic Highway 30 A. Their wedding took place in their families beach house over looking a gorgeous Florida sunset.




Destin Beach Proposal Photography

On a Beautiful sunny day of April 4, 2015. Our handsome groom to be arrived at Beasley Park on Okaloosa Island early to prepare. He was getting ready to propose to his lovely girlfriend. The couple was on vacation in our beautiful town of Destin, Florida. Where our powdered sugar sand is nationally known!  In order to photograph the proposal we acted as though our photography session was a typical couple photography session. We did this by taking photographs of each of them individually. After a few different poses, we shifted her towards the water for a more “artsy” photo known as “don’t look at us, he is preparing to propose!” As mom and dad watched from the walkway, he got down on one knee and proposed. We love capturing proposals along our beautiful beaches! Destin is a place of love, happiness, beautiful beaches and proposals! Check out some of the photographs from the proposal session below!



Valentines Day Proposal Surprise

After meeting at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Jarrod knew Krista was the one! Weeks before Valentine’s Day, we contacted me about not only surprising her in person but that he also wanted to propose. Two of her best friends were in on it all, I met with one of them began to setup the cameras, and then we waited.

Not only were we able to hide on the roof top and take some photos, but we also were able to video the proposal!!

Fall Pumpkin Photo Sessions: Niceville, Florida

The best season of the year in Destin is Fall. All the humid hot summers come to an end, and we are greeted with wonderful days with temperatures of 70 degree. It makes being a Florida Local worth it. It is also one of my biggest seasons, and one of my favorites. I get to see soo many cute couples and children for my fall mini photo sessions. This year I went and bought hay and some rather big pumpkins, that did not disappoint!


Southern Belle Photography | Destin, Florida| Pumpkin Mini Photo Sessions
Southern Belle Photography | Destin, Florida| Pumpkin Mini Photo Sessions
Southern Belle Photography | Destin, Florida| Pumpkin Mini Photo Sessions
Southern Belle Photography | Destin, Florida| Pumpkin Mini Photo Sessions

Destin: Family Beach Photos

Now that fall is among us, my beach session seem to disappear for a few months. I had the privilege of doing a family beach session last night for some Destin Locals! Im so in love with how their beach session went!

To see the full beach session gallery click:

Wedding Photography Pensacola: Breath of Fresh Air

I do beach weddings all the time. I had a lot of fun at this wedding in downtown Pensacola, Florida. It was nice to be in a different photography environment. This couple decided to do a sneak peek, with no one but myself and my camera around. I loved the idea of doing the sneak peek, an hour or two before the ceremony. Since we did the sneak peek, we were able to take the bridal party photos for an hour before the wedding ceremony!


I loved the experience of this wedding! Downtown Pensacola was a wonderful venue for a wedding! Wedding photography is an amazing experience and I truly have the best brides & grooms! I enjoy every minute of their big wedding day.

Destin, Florida: Family Beach Photo Sessions

In my line of work, I meet families from all over the South vacationing on our beautiful Destin Beaches. Our beaches are known for their sugar like sand, that is soft on your feet. Families have the opportunity to capture these memories with family beach photo sessions. As much as I love meeting new families it is always a privilege to take photos of Destin Locals.


Destin Beach Photos by Southern Belle Photography
Beautiful beach photos taken in Destin, Florida.
Destin Beach Photos by Southern Belle Photography
Beautiful beach photos taken in Destin, Florida.

These families have known me since I was about 9 years old. Some have grown with me and return yearly for their fun photo experience with yours truly. I always have fun at my sessions and I have been told my clients do too. If you are a Destin local, or a Destin tourist beach photos are a fantastic way to remember your Destin vacation. Every now and then us locals go and play tourist. 🙂

Destin Beach Photos by Southern Belle Photography
Beautiful couple beach photos taken in Destin, Florida.

Wedding Photography Destin: Raindrops on Wedding Day

I have thought long and hard about what my first blog post would be about. I finally decided to write about the Wedding I did on September 13. As any typical Florida day it was hot and muggy outside. When we arrived at Eglin Beach Park, on Okaloosa Island for the ceremony and reception, a dark cloud rolled overhead. This cloud seemed to be moving North, however it began to down pour. Usually a Bride will loose all composure and think “her wedding day is ruined.” However this Bride kept a smile on her face, even when the ceremony venue was soaked and we had to move it off the beach and under the pavilion. Once the ceremony was over we dashed on to the beach trying to get a few good pictures while the rain was more of a drizzle. If you look closely you can see how wet we were getting however I loved the over exposed look of these photos.collegeAs we ran back up to the pavilion we were hit hard with another rain shower. However the Bride & Groom smiled and enjoyed every minute of it. The tables were soaked, the guest were soaked, and we were unsure about any good pictures until… the rain stopped, and left us with be best sunset for a background. The best part was that since my Bride & Groom were already wet (and had a change of clothes) they agreed to get some AMAZING water shoots! I believe this is the best set of photos I have ever taken. I am so in love with them, the love the couple share, and believe it or not the chaos of this spectacular wedding day! college4

Destin Beach Wedding Pictures
Lovely Couple Destin Beach Wedding